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Stonewall Kitchen Visit…Fun, Fun, Fun

Our Cape on Cabot Road

Did you ever have one of those days where you impulsively decide to do something that you usually wouldn’t do without planning? Well, today, as I was in my Pilates class I thought rather than going home right after-(same old, same old), I decided to take a trip to one of my favorite places for poking -(ie, Poking Places)- we all have one or two. Well, one of those places is Stonewall Kitchen in Maine.


The outdoor decor is absolutely amazing and beautiful, not to mention creative vignettes.





My photo doesn’t do this justice. It is a row of several galvanized buckets with gourds and pumpkins. But the most amazing thing was the hanging watering can that had faux water coming out that was really just the string of silver beads that you find on old bathtub stoppers, not sure what the real name of those is. But, so creative!!!

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