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Fall Themed Chalkboard

Ok….I Cheated…I Admit it!

Summer is almost over and now my favorite season is about to appear! I have a sister in Vermont and the leaves are already changing if you can believe it. Anyway, I am slowly re-decorating my mantles, tables, walls, etc… But here is one thing I have recently completed. As you may know, I love chalkboard art and typography. But, I am no where near being able to free hand writing or drawing. So, as I was perusing through one of my many home magazines, I saw this…….


It was in Midwest Living magazine. (Mind you I live in Boston, but hey, home décor is home décor no matter where you live.)

So, usually when I change my chalkboard I get the print blown up and then trace the print. But, when I had this print blown up it came out fabulous. So for the heck of it, I placed the print on the board and looked great.


The print came out black and white so I added the color over the paper with chalk. Voila!

sorry for the blurriness, didnt look like this on my camera

Sorry for the blurriness, didnt look this way in my camera!

I guess some will say thats the “Lazy mans” or “Womans” way to chalkboard masterpieces but this was just too easy.



If I didn’t fess up, I bet you wouldn’t even be able to tell unless you up real close.

I blew it up to 24X32 for $3 at Staples.Bargain!!

So there you have it….I have confessed! (HeeeHeee)

Thanks for stopping by!


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