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Pottery Barn Favorite Has Arrived!

Almost to pretty to use!

Pottery Barn Favorite has arrived!!

Antique Flatware

Antique Flatware

I had mentioned in an earlier blog that I have begun a new “career” at my all time favorite home store……Pottery Barn!

I was hired as a “Design Specialist” and have been loving it so far.

PB offers complimentary home design services in your home or at the store. You get our undivided attention in your home to help you with your design

needs, and can you believe that service is complimentary? Yes, complimentary. What a great concept.

We go out to your home-always 2 of us and take

measurements, ask a lot of design questions and develop a plan for your room along with a floor plan with the rugs, furniture, etc.. that you are interested


After that visit, the guest comes into the store and tries out the furniture, feels textures of fabrics, pillows, throws, etc… Then the order is placed.

Some of the smaller furniture is available immediately from our store supply but the larger furniture such as sofas, bedroom sets, etc. need to be ordered.

Once that is delivered the fun part of accessorizing is taken on.

We can even provide a “trunk show” for our guests, meaning we can bring over several accessories and design the room.

Then the guest can decide what to keep and what doesn’t work. Obviously the extent of the project depends on the guests budget. I have enjoyed this aspect of the job and hope to continue for a very long time.

We are opening a brand new store a few miles from current one and I hope to be part of that from ground up. It should be beautiful.

Anyway, now to my recent purchase….










DSC_0071     DSC_0072


Almost to pretty to use!

    Almost to pretty to use!




I fell in love with this flatware the minute I saw it- it is called Antique Flatware.

I love the patina of them, the script on the ends and what I really like is that these are quite heavy, which I find is difficult to find, usually flimsy weights.

I bought one set but I think I will be buying a few more especially if they are on sale.

Thanks for stopping by and visiting.


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