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bath vanity

After sanding and layer of dark wax

New Look for Vanity cabinet with Annie Sloan Old White Chalk Paint

Once I start a project it inevitably leads to changing whatever else in the room I think needs updating or just for a change.

Which leads me to deciding to paint my boring Maple cabinet. I had some Annie Sloan Paint left over from a different project and got started.

The beauty of this paint is that you don’t need to prepare the surface at all- this paint covers everything.



Put first coat on with a regular paint brush.

Annie Sloan Old White

Annie Sloan Old White


Then came the second coat. It actually looks pretty just like this before the distressing.

Then I put on clear coat of AS wax with her big round wax brush and buffed it after with rags.

Clear wax and brush

Then I used the Dark Wax and same type of brush and lightly brushed it on in all directions then really had to put a lot of pressure on the buffing to get the look I wanted.

Dark Wax

Sandpapered areas to look even more weathered.

After sanding and layer of dark wax

After sanding and layer of dark wax




Finally a final coat of clear wax.

And Viola- New Look! Me Likey! :-))



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