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Annie Sloan Make-Over Chest of Drawers

I am enjoying ASCP’s and am going a little overboard looking for new things to paint.

Take this chest of drawers for example- (unfortunately I don’t have a before pic)

This piece was originally distressed white and blue horizontal stripes. Very beachy look. I had this piece for a long time and felt like trying something different than my usual style.


The beauty of ASCP is that there is no priming or sanding needed- no prep work is a welcome change from most painting projects.

I ordered my paint, waxes, and brushes and began my work.

Paint Color was Antibes Green, and used both clear and dark wax.

Since I don’t have pics of process, I’ll be brief in description- I did this project at least a year ago and didn’t plan on starting a blog.

  1. With AS large paint brush I just slathered on the paint every which way and different thickness’s.- I did 2 coats, but you really don’t have to.

  2. Did some subtle sanding while the paint was a little bit wet.

  3. Layer of clear wax, again with her wax brush just haphazardly all around.

  4. Buff it really well.

  5. Layer of dark wax and then real intense buffing so it doesn’t change color of piece.

  6. Sand down areas where I wanted a worn look.

  7. Final layer of clear was

  8. Then as an added twist, I got 2 large decals and applied them with Modge Podge, then layer of wax again.








I also painted my kitchen cabinets with ASCP as well. Stay tuned for that update.

Thanks for visiting!


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