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Hints of My Home Style

More of my love of beach and Nantucket style

of My Home Style

 Although I feel as though I am a Chameleon regarding my home décor style, there are certain styles and accessories that I seem to be magnetized to.

One of those is clean,crisp, and bright walls. (As you may have read in previous blog, I tried the Old Word and Moroccan style….) lets just say, didn’t last long. Just not me. I do feel though, it is always good and fun to step out of comfort zone.

My décor for out Cape has always leaned on the Nantucket, Beach look. I have always loved the crisp white shells, shiny wood floors, white accessories, etc… I may not live right on the ocean, but you would never know it if you had visited my home in the past.

So now, after several years of trying new looks and colors, I find myself drawn back to the Nantucket, Clean Beach theme again. (Will when I learn?)

I actually had an EBAY business called-(of course sea themed) The Barking Cod. The majority of my items were beach and sea themed. Lovely Mermaid statures, beautiful prints,bookends,kitchen items, etc… I now have a very crowded basement with the items I did not sell. I had to stop the biz because it got to be overwhelming and I just didn’t have the space or time to do it on my own. I considered opening my own storefront, but just didn’t have the expertise to take it on.

So, now that I have given you my personal design history, here are some photos of things I love to have in my home….


Natural Wood floral burst.



This Moby Dick print actually has the print from the novel as the background. How cool is that?


I added these conch shells to a basic chandelier. Thank goodness for hot glue guns. Please excuse the crooked shade.


Shades are from Ballard Designs. Love Black and White!


This sailboat replica was a bargain from Restoration Hardware several years ago.


Dining room table centerpiece.





Hints of Spring!


I have 2 dogs, what can I say?


My latest purchase from Homegoods! Need a reminder of spring and summer to come!

Thanks for checking out my blog. I would love to hear from you with comments or questions.

What is your style that you may be drawn to?


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